About Symbol

Do you remember the very first necklace that your lover gave you?  The loving sensation you felt and the way your face had lit up with a heartwarming smile.  Yes, the necklace was indeed beautiful but it was the gesture that meant so much to you.  It wasn’t your birthday or an anniversary.  It was just an ordinary day and you knew that he was trying to tell you that you are on his mind all the time.  Many birthdays and anniversaries may have past and several gifts exchanged but that necklace remains your favourite gift.

There was that time when your best friend had jumped and gathered you in a tight hug on receiving a pair of earrings.  She had spent a long time just looking at them, their glint reflecting in her eyes.

Jewellery is a lot more than an accessory that’s used to accompany a beautiful outfit.  It’s a symbol of love, commitment, and thoughtfulness: the three things that are needed to make all our relationships strong and memorable.  Years may pass but a piece of jewellery always remains a memento of a happy time and a shared experience.  You may continue to wear it, safely put it away, or pass it down to others in your family, but there will always be a story behind every piece of jewellery that will bring a smile to your face.

At SYMBOL, we understand the symbolism of jewellery and the sentiment that goes into finding the perfect piece for those you care about. Our wide range of beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings will allow you to make special occasions memorable or an ordinary day special.

What’s your Symbol?